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One-Third Of U.S. Residents Say You Must Be Christian To Be ‘Truly American’ Liz Hayes 2017-02-17
Religious Freedom Is a Progressive Value Frederick Clarkson 2017-02-17
King’s birthday is not the only thing worth celebrating on Jan. 16 Frederick Clarkson 2017-01-12
With Obama’s Signature, U.S. Religious Freedom Law Protects Atheists Alex Johnson 2016-12-22
Religious Freedom is Not Just for the Religious Right (Religious Freedom Day is Coming Soon!) Frederick Clarkson 2016-12-07
Defying the Supreme Court, judges deal severe blow to separation of church and state Ian Millhiser 2016-09-19
Keeping Church and State Separate John W. Traphagan 2016-01-01
Federal Court Rules Against ‘Coercive’ Christian Prayers At Public Meetings Michael Stone 2015-05-11
Commander-In-Belief?: Americans Have A History Of Thinking The President Isn’t Christian Enough Simon Brown 2015-05-01
Stand in the bright light of history on Religious Freedom Day Frederick Clarkson 2015-01-16
Seize the Day! (Well, what if we did?) Frederick Clarkson 2014-12-21
GOP governor forces school districts to partner with ‘faith-based’ groups for taxpayer-funded program Tom Boggioni 2014-12-14
In Seven States, Atheists Push to End Largely Forgotten Ban Laurie Goodstein 2014-12-06
Federal Judge Slaps Down Kansas Creationist Lawsuit Claiming Evolution a religious Belief David Ferguson 2014-12-05
Thomas Jefferson vs. the Bible: What America’s founding father really thought about religion Valerie Tarico 2014-12-03
Good News: IRS Agrees To Monitor Religious Groups For Political Campaigning Manny Schewitz 2014-08-01
Thanks to the Baptists Who Defend Church/State Separation Hemant Mehta 2014-07-04
Americans United Tells Phoenix Officials To End Use Of Anti-Prostitution Program Anchored In Religion Americans United 2014-04-04
Religious Liberty and the Coming Corporate Theocracy Rev. Barry W. Lynn 2014-03-13
Religious Liberty is For People, Not Governments Rob Boston 2014-03-10
This is what actual ‘religious liberty’ looks like Fred Clark 2014-02-27
Student prayer bill is approved but faces likely veto Bill Sizemore 2014-02-27
Federal judge's decision on Virginia ban on same-sex marriage Robert Barnes 2014-02-14
Grant’s Grand Vision: Public Schools That Welcome All Robert Boston 2014-02-07
Virginia science bill sent to courts subcommittee Michael Alison Chandler 2014-01-31
Choice Challenge: ‘National School Choice Week’ Is Ending, But the Fight Against Vouchers Isn’t Over Simon Brown 2014-01-31
Religious exemption law won't be studied Susan Svrluga 2014-01-30
Lawmakers say bill on clergy rights not needed Associated Press 2014-01-30
Va. Senate passes school prayer bill Michael Sluss 2014-01-21
States Of Prayer: Legislators In Three States Push Bills To Promote Religion In Public Schools Sarah E. Jones 2014-01-12
Presidential Piety: Obama’s Faith Is In The Public Eye Again Sarah E. Jones 2013-12-30
AU Letter Convinces County Officials In Washington State To Drop Grant For Fundamentalist Christian Group Simon Brown 2013-11-20
Retreating Or Repositioning?: Southern Baptists And The ‘Culture War’ Rob Boston 2013-10-23
ACLU eyes district wide prayer event at Richmond schools Catie Beck 2013-10-02
Why we should keep government and religion separate Phil Dirkx 2013-08-15
Supreme Court Marriage Decisions Advance Equality, While Preserving Religious Liberty For All Americans United 2013-06-26
Student delivers Christian prayer at high school graduation ceremony despite objections Eric W. Dolan 2013-05-27
Why We Want to Keep Church and State as Far Away from Each Other as Possible Paul Krassner 2013-04-12
Americans United Issues Statement On Obama Contraceptive Rule Americans United 2013-02-01
5 Shocking Ways the Christian Right Has Forced the Bible Into America's Schools Rob Boston 2013-01-28
Religious test for President a de facto truth in America Dakota O'Leary 2011-06-28
Michigan Multi-Millionaire Betsy DeVos Is A Four-Star General In A Deceptive Behind-The-Scenes War On Public Schools And Church-State Separation Rob Boston 2010-09-01
Freedom From Religion vs. Freedom of Religion Myth Austin Cline