Schempp Presentation 2006

Religious Freedom Day and Freedom from Religion©

Talk to Norfolk, Virginia Chapter of Americans United

January 15, 2006

Ellery Schempp

 Good Afternoon.

Thanks to you, Bob Clapp, for making my visit here so enjoyable.  Thank you to Rubyjean Gould and AU members for the very nice award.  I am very happy to be here in Virginia, a state that once played a vital role in defining the ideas of separation of church and state.  This was before the days of Pat Robertson.

Christian America and the Kingdom of God

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"The idea of the United States as a Christian nation is a powerful, seductive, and potentially destructive theme in American life, culture, and politics. Many fundamentalist and evangelical leaders routinely promote this notion, and millions of Americans simply assume the Christian character of the United States. And yet, as Richard T.